software solutions

Pythia Technologies GoT platform provides the primary components of data center management and is one of the only products in the marketplace to seamlessly integrate all Facilities and IT equipment into a single system.  

Integration to any device


Whether your equipment is IT related or a part of your Facilities main electrical and  mechanical  infrastructure - we have you covered.

Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, HTTP, XML, JSON and additional protocols.

100% web compatibility


GoT software is 100% web-based. No additional software, tools or licensing is required to view and control your environment.

GoT is compatible with latest devices that support a web browser—the system is smart phone, tablet and PC ready.

Unlimited device licensing


The number of devices or points that you can monitor with GoT software is unlimited.  Performance is based on the virtual server or appliance hardware you select.

No maintenance fees.  

Annual contracts are available which include upgrades to current versions.

Simplified Usability


The Navigation Tree allows users to easily manage devices and system functions in an succinct and orderly manner. 

Simple navigation allows the user to access all of the functions of GoT including configuration and data viewing. 

Event notifications


When system events occur, it is imperative the users are notified of system conditions and details of the event. 

Primary notification methods:

· SMTP email messaging

· SMTP text messaging

· SNMP Trap notifications

Real-time trends and historical data


Each monitored data point within the software has the ability to be viewed in 2 ways:

Live Trend Graph:  Each monitored data point has the ability to be viewed in 2-second intervals. 


Historical Trend Graphing:  Each monitored data point has the option to logged at a specific interval for viewing at a later time. 

Open protocol wrapper


Once all of your devices are configured in the GoT software, the data, alarm and control points can be "normalized" to an open protocol for consumption by another system.

Protocol wrapper options are:



Open data transport


The data within the GoT software is not held hostage by the application. 


XML and JSON interfaces are included so that the data can easily integrate to other reporting systems.

We service what we sell


On-site professional and remote services are available to get your application up and running.

Virtual installations


GoT software is ready to deploy in your Windows Server 2019 environment. 

Rack appliance installations


Customers may opt to have the GoT software run on dedicated hardware.  Software appliance models scale to suit the number of connected devices.  All servers are come standard with dual NIC interfaces supporting public and private networks.

Custom solutions are also available.   

Custom wall-mount appliance


GoT is ready to stand alone on its own if required.  Custom enclosures are available to fit your application.   Like rack mount appliances, these models scale to suit the number of connected devices and have dual NIC interfaces.