Smart Panel PRO-1

Monitor up to 2 devices by either Modbus, BACnet, SNMP protocols and/or dry-contacts.



Smart Panel PRO-1


The SP-PRO1 is a microprocessor based controller that is designed to monitor devices via serial communications, network, or by dry-contacts inputs. A local touch panel display allows users to view and monitor conditions from all connected equipment. Additionally, the SP-PRO1 can provide email and text notifications as well as provide Web, Modbus/TCP and SNMP protocols for integration to other systems.

  Standard Functionality:

· Monitor up to (2) devices by either serial, network communications or via dry-contacts (IO module included)

· Local annunciation of alarm conditions 

· Real-time and Historical Trend graphing for all points

· Modbus/TCP and SNMP protocol outputs for other monitoring systems

Standard Features:

· Web enabled for configuration and operational viewing 

· Remote event notifications when connected to the customers network 

· Data logging and trend graphing

· Extensible by adding more I/O capability

· Internal horn, power and common alarm indicators

user interface


Functional web pages out-of-the box

As the data and alarm points are defined in the system, the web pages are automatically generated for use.  All pages are HTML 5 compliant so they will work with any web browser running on any PC, Tablet or Smart device