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MicroServers - MS

The MS product line provides the base hardware platforms for the Data Transformation and Data Monitoring product solutions.

Data Transformation - DT

The DT product line provides protocol translation. The DT line gives the ability for Building Management Systems to communicate and integrate IT equipment into the existing BMS. Likewise, the DT line allows Network Management Systems to communicate and integrate Facilities equipment into the existing NMS.

Data Monitoring - DM

The DM product line provides a simplified monitoring solution for small, medium and large sites. The data monitoring platform provides the fundamental components of data center management and is one of the only products in the marketplace to seamless integrate all Facilities and IT equipment into a single system.

Contact Modules - CM

The CM product line provides contact module solutions capable of integrating into an existing Building Management System and Network Management System. SNMP, Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP and BACnet/IP solutions are available.

Product Solutions

MS Solutions

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Generac Solutions

DT Solutions

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CM Solutions


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